Sunday, 11 June 2017

Amanda Bynes Gives FIRST Interview In 4 Years: Sober & Wants To Act Again

It's SO great to see her happy and smiling!!

Amanda Bynes made her first televised appearance, and gave her first interview in 4 years to Diana Madison of 'The Lowdown'.

Amanda was smiling, confirmed she is sober, and wants to make a return to acting. Check out the full interview below: 

Yours truly needs to take a second here and address this fully though. 

When Amanda made headlines those 4 years ago for her DUI's and mental health battle, we criticized her. Slam pieces here on PopGoesTheArts came fast and they were WRONG. We never knew in the beginning what Amanda was personally dealing with, and never even gave her any chances. 

To Amanda, we truly apologize. 

And we're so happy you're back on the right track and doing great!!

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