Monday, 12 June 2017

'Bachelor In Paradise' Update: Corinne Says She Did Not Consent Sexual Contact With DeMario

And here's the story getting much bigger.

Sources close to the 'Bachelor in Paradise' story, in which the ABC show has been shut down by Warner Bros. after allegations of misconduct, are coming forward.

Those sources are saying that Corinne Olympios is saying that she was completely blackout drunk, and did NOT consent to sexual contact with co-star DeMario Jackson.

While sources close to Jackson are saying he remembers everything, she is saying she remembers nothing.

Corinne is blaming producers for not pulling the plug during filming, however others close to the show who have seen the tape, say she was lucid and fully engaged with DeMario.

The biggest twist in all of this, is that Corinne has lawyered up.....but not to go into battle against Jackson, but the show and producers. She says DeMario was also drunk.

This story is continuing to get bigger & bigger.

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