Tuesday, 13 June 2017

DeMario Jackson Breaks His Silence After 'Bachelor In Paradise' Controversy

And when I say he doesn't say much.....


DeMario Jackson is at the center of the 'Bachelor in Paradise' scandal along with Corinne Olympios, and was spotted by paparazzi today in Los Angeles.

When the cameras got close, DeMario simply said:

"I have nothing to say"......adding near the end of the video, referring to Corinne as:

"an awesome girl and that's all I have to say".

Jackson ended their conversation with a message to the fans of the show, saying:

"I love you all".

Check out the video obtained by 'Entertainment Tonight' below:

Of course, the story surrounding the show is that DeMario and Corinne got very drunk during filming of the show, and Corinne claims producers didn't shut it down. She says she never gave consent to anything that happened.

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